Alliances Charts – Power x Kills Chart


All data displayed on this page were collected on an amateur and voluntary basis, without any connection to LongTech’s servers. Please be tolerant, the intention is to just crunch data and expose it in a more organized way.

The information displayed albout alliance is from state 1 to 136, the oldest bracket in eden.

A hug to everyone, except for some

DonPablone – Legion 96
Dead man tell no tales

I will start a new sense from state 1 to state 136. I will be receiving information via pm on whatsapp, viber and line. Any help is welcome, basically I will need the prints of the number of alliance kills and combat power of your state, just that. I will the data entre of almost 400 teams alone, so please be patient.

Last update: 25th to 30th of Fev/2023
Next update: God Knows

Power x Kills Chart

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