Heroes Analysis

Much of the content presented earlier in this post is objective, many taken directly from the game. Unlike that, in this session, we will have many subjective points, watered by personal opinion, whether mine or other players. Therefore, I recommend that you also test your theories and share them here, as styles and perceptions can make a total difference in the visualization of new possibilities.


The hero classes in this game are unclear and terribly divided, so I’m just replicating what’s been proposed in the game, but I disagree with the way they segment it and I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement. So, try to be tolerant, and maybe we can open a topic just to discuss possible suggestions, but without a doubt what is made available by the developers is not enough. The game divides into four hero profiles.

Defensive Heroes

Defense are heroes with abilities primarily focused on their own survival, so they are used in frontline squads. Its role in formations will generally be to take as much damage as possible and in some cases it can also be a source of damage. São os principais tanks do jogo.

Support are heroes with the ability to change the mechanics of other heroes, and this can happen either by affecting allies or enemies. In allies, the effect will generally be buffing other squads, that is, it can increase their damage capacity, attributes, chance to cast skills, increase in basic attack rate, among others. Other than that, with enemies the effects can be the exact opposite, also including healing rate reduction effects, crowd control and damage over time layers.

They are heroes that have very versatile positioning, being able to be in any of the positions of a formation, and this will depend on the individual characteristics of each hero and they should check the range of their skills and characteristics before defining.

Offensive Heroes

Melee are heroes with skills with relevant damage capacity, but with skills that amplify their ability to stay on the front line, resisting enemy attacks. Therefore, these heroes are used in frontline squads, mainly as an alternative to defense-type heroes, but when there is a need for a slightly more aggressive frontline.

Ranged are the main sources of damage in the game, that is, they are heroes with little or no defense mechanism and powerful attack mechanisms. Therefore, these heroes end up being placed in better protected positions most of the time and have, as their main responsibility, to kill as many units as possible.



What is the best hero available in Rise of Empires? This question is very common on forums and in chat rooms. First of all I would like to respond by saying that there is no such thing as the best. So, in reality, there are combos that surpass others, and what we will try to do here is classify the heroes in tiers, taking into account their relevance in the best combos that the game presents in more advanced seasons.

Initially, I had made the classification of heroes relative to the season in which it is released, that is, a hero released in season zero, that is, before the first season, could have a classification equal to that of heroes released in Sx, as it has a good performance. for a relatively long term in S0~S3, while some heroes in Sx1 have not yet had a relevant application.