The league lets us enter multiple teams.

I need everyone interested in this journey and willing to play +12 or +14 or +18 on Fridays to do the following:

  • Send a message here in viber group informing the interest
  • Update your answer on the form:

Individual Reminders:

  • Your team can only play on Fridays +12+14 and+18 and the game only allow block one timeframe
    • Panda Army: +12 and +14
    • Sloth Army: +14 and +18
  • As long as your team is not eliminated, you cannot play normal BOH.
  • Each team has 20 players + 5 reserves.
  • If you can’t play, your team will be short.

Subscription Details

  • Only the top 512 teams entered will be accepted..
  • We will only have 2 teams Eventually we can try a third one with weaker players who want to coordinate or with secondary accounts, but it will probably not be accepted
  • Part of the team building decision will be made based on your activity in the last battle.
  • We will try to assemble 2 equally strong teams (Panda Army and Sloth Army)
  • We will choose players among those who respond to the form to enable

This is the actual setup:

  • Players with red border didnt participate on the last battle
  • Players with a small little arrow didnt updated the form
  • Players listed on No-Army isnt on any team
  • Players on Koala Army that wanna play, need be realocated to a bigger team or build a team from scrach

So we have team building issues:

  • Any no-army player wanna participate? We have some huge prizes.
  • Any of the player that didnt participate on the last battle wanna sign-out?
  • Any of the player that is in a team, can’t participate on the following times:
    Panda Army: +12 and +14
    Sloth Army: +14 and +18
  • Who on Koala Army should be moved to Panda and Sloth? Panda has 3 slots and Slot has 5 slots.

Please understand that there is not room for everyone. Strategy of both teams will be made as soon as the team ar defined. We know that some of you find it difficult to participate and maybe that’s why you weren’t chosen, but you can continue to participate in the regular BOH.