This is an adaptation post of a deep discussion of heroes, taken from the r/Lastshelter written by u/Oovka. This compilation was made from a sequence of discussions, questions and comments.

You can combine certain heroes to receive synergy buffs, so far we only know about the synergies of purple and orange heroes, but there may be more. Those known today in ROE are The Pacer (S1), Iron Fists (S1), Lionheart (S1) and their respective combinations with purple heroes.

When you are creating a composition of heroes, be aware that heroes affect each other’s statistics according to the following formula;

  • Hero 1 might%: Hero 1 (skill 4 + skill 6 + skill 7) + Hero 2 (skill 7) + Hero 3 (skill 7)
  • Hero 1 defense%: Hero 1 (skill 3 + skill 6 + skill 7) + Hero 2 (skill 7) + Hero 3 (skill 7)

S1 heroes with the 7th active skill will buff all heroes / squads in APC, significantly increasing your Hero’s% power.

It is common understanding that, in most cases of basic heroes, the last 3 skills that require duplicates must be opened in the following order;

  • first duplicate 6th skill
  • second duplicate 8th skill
  • third duplicate 7th skill

When the hero is seasonal, the order usually changes, so when it is used in the first row it must follow the same order as the basic heroes. In all other cases it must follow this order:

  • first duplicate 8th skill
  • second duplicate 6th skill
  • third duplicate 7th skill

When creating a hero composition, you need to ask the question whether you want to attack with it or defend and build heroes according to the synergies of skills and hero stats.

Keep in mind the following counter-interaction between the troops;

  • Archers counter Cavalry
  • Cavalry Counter Infantry
  • Infantry counter Archers

It is advisable that when creating defensive configurations, use archers and infantry, as they will oppose the most popular attack units, cavalry and archers.

The game ends up having some points in its balance that make these counters less efficient. The overwhelming majority of combos will be pure cavalry. Few, if any, people use pure infantry in defense. So the data I said before is what the game inform us, but it’s not necessarily what happens in practice.

Compositions of heroes (basic heroes)

Defensive Combinations

  • Orochi, North Rage, Dual Blade – full silence, suppress comp, you win by losing less than your opponent.

Variations of tanky suppress / silence with damage

  • North Rage, Dual Blades, Hurricane
  • Orochi, North Rage, Hurricane
  • Orochi, Dual Blades, Hurricane
  • Demon Spear, Dual Blades, Hurricane
Heroes Range Illustration

Offensive Combinations

  • Rogue, Heaven’s Justice, Hurricane – total damage and damage buff stacking
  • El Zorro, Heaven’s Justice, Hurricane (sss) total damage and damage buff stacking

Tank + double damage

  • North Rage, Hurricane, Heaven’s Justice
  • Dual Blades, Yamaraja, Heaven’s Justice
  • Orochi, Hurricane, Heaven’s Justice
  • Dual Blades, Hurricane, Heaven’s Justice

Compositions of season heroes and basic heroes attached to the image below.

Hero Combinations – Best Hero Combos

Here are some combo suggestions. They are not ranked, but they help a lot as informational. Here, without a doubt, are some of the best combinations you can take from the game.

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires – 2022.07.21 – Click here for PDF version

Building your defensive line-up

A number of tactics can be used in building a strong defensive line-up. In general, the most common ones always use high healing composition combined with “glass cannon” compositions. Glass Cannons are high damage compositions, with the potential to generally deal incredible amounts of damage in the first 3-4 turns.

Below are some line-up suggestions. It’s not biblical, it’s just a suggestion that might be helpful to illustrate some possibilities.

Defensive Line-Ups

Regarding alternative 1, it is definitely a slow composition, since the lack of cavalary legions. It’s not very practical, it ends up being useful if you need to be in a very advanced position and need to defend yourself. There are 4 mixed legions and 1 pure cavalry, with 9 cavalry heroes (including hellfire) 3 infantry heroes and 2 archers. Horse consumption would still be relevant if you are under siege, but all individual legions have high potential to stop enemies, except perhaps the Rainforest ranger legion. It is a glass cannon, its function is to nullify a resistant composition so that it does not pass the legion of the poison master. This alternative is only viable for players with very strong castles.

About alternative 2, it is a more balanced composition, very versatile, useful for players with 1 to 3 DM. Two legions of cavalry to help in quick combat, plus two pure legions for lack of DM for all legions. This alternative is for medium castles that want to have good combat participation and want to try to take advantage of all the troop types they have available. There are 6 cavalry heroes, 5 archer heroes, 4 infantry heroes.

Alternative 3 is an example for castles still in the maturing stage, which possibly don’t have any DM yet or are still building their first set. 4 legions of cavalry with a potent legion of archers in the defensive line.

Best Seasonal Heroes – Top Pick

Which are the best heroes? Which heroes should I invest in and which ones can I avoid?

I tried to separate the best heroes available at the moment, some are optional, not necessarily because they are bad but because they have a smaller set of applications available. Ragnar and Ranger are good heroes, but they have a relevant restriction on matching, which makes them useful only if a certain number of conditionals occur. For example: Ragnar relies heavily on having control heroes with him, like Brave for example. This lack of flexibility can make him less of a “must have” than others.

Heroes Top Picks for Rise of Empires – 2022.06.07 – Click here for PDF version

Battle tips

Combat speed is very important as it decides who goes first. Player going first will kill a number of troops before the opponent’s turn comes therefore will receive less damage or even have a chance to apply a debuff possibly completely negating it.

Buffs are cast before turn starts, regardless of where your hero is positioned it will be cast before turn 1 starts.

Leave your questions in the comments, I will post them here until they are answered. If you see any incorrect information, please leave a comment and once confirmed it will be updated.

Original Source:

Hero Summary

There is an tool with a list of combos from Last Shelter running the internet and a player, which I don’t have a name, made the equivalence of some heroes. I remade the table including the new images and some heroes that were recently implemented. I call it “Hero Summary” and you can check it below.

Heroes Summary for Rise of Empires – 2022.04.15 – (Redborder are not implemented heroes) – Click here for PDF version

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