Heroes Combos for Rise of Empires – 29/11/2021


Guys, explaining once again something I’ve already said in some posts and in several conversations: The order of the compositions is not necessarily intended to rank them. Most of the time the interest is only to illustrate some possibilities.

So, once again, don’t take this job as a biblical one. My only intention is to illustrate possibilities for you. Some have been tested and the new ones are basically hypothetical or tested in the last shelter environment, which has a balance with some differences from ours.

New Heroes

At Rise of Empires we had the release of Hellfire and Lust.

Both strong heroes, Hellfire being the highlight, as it is a very robust tank and allows any composition to gain longevity in battle.

Hellfire is the first “any” type hero released in season X. It is very powerful and without a doubt a top pick from the current meta. It is usually used in cavalry combos or mixed legions. In mixed legions he tends to use horses if he is in the middle or backline. When he’s in the front row, he usually uses footman.

Lust is the first archer heroine with strong control. she is very synergistic with other heroes who also have crowd control, like Tarantula and Ashen in pure legions or Bleedsteed, Brave, Army Breaker, Skanda in mixed legions.

In Last Shelter there are currently 6 heroes released in addition to the rise of empires. I won’t go into details about them, but I’ve already made available some combinations that have had great results there.

Heroes Combos for Rise of Empires – 29/11/2021

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