Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 28/07/2022

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 28/07/2022


By Don

29th July 2022



Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 28/07/2022

Sx12 - New Heroes

From our last chart of 15/04/2022 for this we had the release of Cleopatra, a new non -seasonal heroe and three more seasonal heroes on Sx12: El Cid, Pepin and Belisarius.

Belisarius is a archer hero. He is a high cast rate and highly scalable hero, meaning the longer the battle, the more powerful he tends to get. Because of his skill 2 and 5 he ends up having great synergy with heroes that cause Poison or Bleeding, such as Poison Master. He has only one combat-type skill, which makes him a resilient hero, and can maintain decent performance, even against comps with many control heroes.

Pepin is footman hero. He's a sustain hero. His main mechanics are health recovery and damage increase. He's a hero that's going to need a very tough frontline like Arthur, Arslam or even maybe Steed or Skanda and the like. His skill 5 creates a need for them to have high cast rate heroes in order to get the best out of the hero. His skill 8 already has a special synergy with heroes that have the ability to disarm. Because he has different needs and synergies, he can be both a very versatile hero and a hero that is difficult to get the best of him.

El Cid is a cavalry hero. Its a melee hero, basically a bruiser for cavalry, having same role as Arslam as damage dealer and tank, but with very different set of skills compared to Arslam. He is a high rate caster with healing for himselft, damage taken nerf and damage given buff . He has sinergy with heroes with prep skills, (lust, scarlet, valk, ava, jade eagle, living saint, elk, etc) and also with heroes with great synergy to heroes with high cast rate, such as Poison Master, Fortuneteller, etc. This line can be a bit controversial, but I believe he is the alternative to Arslam, but for legions of pure cavalry.

Non-Seasonal - New Hero

Cleopatra is a Any type of troops hero. She is a support hero and has a skill set focused on controlling the enemy and also has dodging in the first few turns. Its high cast rate gives it pretty decent synergy with Poison Master. In addition, her high control power gives her formidable strength both with heroes that grow paired with this type of support, such as Ragnar and Lust, as well as classic combos with tanks + cleopatra + damage carrier. She is an extremely versatile heroine and ends up being an alternative mainly to Army Breaker.

Available Heroes

Click and learn a little more about each hero implemented so far in our universe of Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire


Best Heroes - Top Picks

Which are the best heroes? Which heroes should I invest in and which ones can I avoid?

I tried to separate the best heroes available at the moment, some are optional, not necessarily because they are bad but because they have a smaller set of applications available. Ragnar and Ranger are good heroes, but they have a relevant restriction on matching, which makes them useful only if a certain number of conditionals occur. For example: Ragnar relies heavily on having control heroes with him, like Brave for example. This lack of flexibility can make him less of a “must have” than others.

Heroes Top Picks for Rise of Empires – 2022.07.29 – Click here for PDF version

Eden Royal Clash Dominion - Bonus Quests

The developers have enabled a new mode in Eden and now the ancient battlefields are under the rules of Royal Clash Dominion. Every 3 hours you can send your heroes to make quests and in some cases you may have bonus. I am mapping the quests with the help of several friends, especially Sniper, from Invictus (S90) and Valasky (author of ROE Academy)

Some quests have an extra 50% bonus if you use the recommended heroes, which are eastereggs. I will try to list these heroes from time to time as I get information to update. Note that the heroes that are sent to quests and the heroes that receive bonuses are not the same. The list above is the heroes that receive the bonuses, which is the most important point when planning the evolution of your statues. The missions named in red are using the name of the Last Shelter version, and may have variations in the name or even not exist yet in Rise of Empires.

Heroes for Royal Clash Dominion Quests for Rise of Empires – 2022.07.29 – Click here for PDF version

Best Hero Combinations

Here are some combinations that can be used. Don't limit yourself to this list, just use it as a basis to study some synergies. You can click here and download the PDF version for free. Also you can click here and support my work with any donation or subscription.

Combo Disclaimer

Guys, explaining once again something I’ve already said in some posts and in several conversations: The order of the compositions is not necessarily intended to rank them. Most of the time the interest is only to illustrate some possibilities.

So, once again, don’t take this job as a biblical one. My only intention is to illustrate possibilities for you. Some have been tested and the new ones are basically hypothetical or tested in the last shelter environment, which has a balance with some differences from ours.

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 29/07/2022 - Download here the PDF version

Hero Summary

There is an tool with a list of combos from Last Shelter running the internet and a player, which I don't have a name, made the equivalence of some heroes. I remade the table including the new images and some heroes that were recently implemented. I call it "Hero Summary" and you can check it below.