War Medals (COP Medals)

War Medals description and details


By Don

30th October 2023



War Medals (COP Medals)

This week we will witness some epic clashes, the main one even being televised by youtubers: s67 x s63.

Taking advantage of this moment, I decided to bring the bonus ratio that are given by the war medals at the end of each season / round of COP.

That's right, we are in round 27 of the Clash of Provinces competition, last season the champions of the legendary league were the s95, s67 and s66.

The medals are distributed as follows:

- In the states of the legendary league brackets you will always have the medal award for your first 100 places. Those who take first place will have 5 different medals for their top 100. The same will happen for the second and third place of each key. As for the states that go from fourth to eighth place, each state will have two different medals.

- In the states of the gold league brackets, only the first two states of each bracket will receive medals, with only the first 10 players having access to these medals.

What are the next states that we will see holders of the Promise of Aries, the god of war?

COP Medals

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