This season we will work with 2 forms. One longer and the second one ultra short. You must answer both at least once to get extra points. Your strength will not give you more points, the importance is that it is completed correctly and frequently.

Long formShort form
This form will need to be filled one time and you just need to refill it if you think you need to.Very short form just for loyalty. Fill it daily if possible.
Remember that this form will guide us to give a lot of extra points to you.

Coexistence Tips

➡️ Selfish behaviors don’t represent us

• To reserve a seat: Use a minimum of 2 DIAGONAL tiles. 

⚠️ Special cases: corner seats require 3 tiles, and the last place next to a wall (when there is no more space to build on your side) can be reserved with 1 tile.

• Don’t reserve a seat in the front rows if you are NOT SURE if you can attend the attack on the city. 

• If something unforeseen happens and you can’t attend the attack, drop your tiles and share location in guild chat for someone to take your seat, at least 3 HOURS before the attack. If you drop 2 hours before, probably nobody will be able to take your seat, and the place will be empty 📝

• About two or more attacks at the same time: If you have reserved a front row seat to attack a city, don’t take a seat in the first rows in the second attack. Take seats at least in the third or fourth row. Leave the place for those who will have full stamina.

• About two or more attacks at same time*²: check all the targets scheduled for that time, and build your pad in the target that most needs your presence. Do the priority calculation: level 4 or level 3 cities require more people than level 1 or level 2 cities. If cities have the same level (all level 1 for example), build your pad in the most emptied city.

• Before take your seat: PAY ATTENTION! We dont have rookies on Eden, everyone knows when you takes someone else’s place, it damages the entire structure of the following pads, and also disagreements within the team. So, pay attention about what you are doing #teamwork

• If you get a PM from a teammate asking you to abandon your tiles, be friendly and understanding.

• About recently reached targets: we know that everyone wants to get the first seats. But, we also know that there are no first seats for 100/200 people. So, be wise if you wanna compete for the first seats when many people are sending attacks at the same time. It’s in these moments that most of the confusion occurs. So, please only send your troops if you are sure that you are not blocking someone else.

● We are a cooperative team, so remember your goal at eden is not just to worry about your personal score. You need help us on the paths, attack castles, keep forms updated… this will gives you extra points and ensures your team’s good performance. 

About Prizing Sx16

⚠️ Don’t cling to alliance rank. Focus on following the leadership’s determinations and collaborating as much as possible in the required activities.

The result of a season is a reflection of various efforts, which are not necessarily the same each season. Some seasons are very violent, while others are very peaceful.

There is no way the guild rank ranking, which is fixed, can give a real picture of the efforts made. In addition, there are a number of unaccounted for efforts, such as logistics, banner, leadership, diplomacy and many others.

 There is no perfect way or cake recipe to hand out prizes and ensure overall satisfaction.

At the end of the season, we will try, through a weighted calculation, to recognize the efforts of the players that had the most impact on the team’s campaign.

We try, through weighted calculations, to minimize the distortions that may occur due to the numbers that the game makes available to us. In addition, we offer punctual recognitions that also contribute to the sum of prizes for the end of the season. In the composition of the final calculation are also included recognitions, such as activities mentioned above that do not bring direct score to the rank: logistics, banner, leadership, diplomacy and many others

So, do your best for the team, be sure to qualify for everything, some efforts and sacrifices end up weighing more on our journey to success and it’s important to understand this. But at the end of that, we will all be recognized.

Remember: even the form updating is important to the final math of the rank. Please cooperate with leadership. It is worth noting that the bonus per update is an automatic formula that takes frequency into account. If you update your loyalty form every day, you will get better results.

BNegotiation and Diplomacy10
CTop 1 Kills8
DFirst at 8000 loyalty15
E2nd, 3rd and 4th at 8k loyalty5
HForm filled / updated7 to 30
JSuper Hero Bonus (Lead choice)50
KAlt Castle-10
LRudeness with other players-10
MIngnoring Leadership request-30
NMissing a lot of pads-10
OBreaking agreements-20
  • Get ready for intense fights.
  • Ask doubts about your heroes
  • Make your dragon gear (free players can too) or gold if you don’t have all the legions equipped yet.
  • Ask questions about everything you can
  • Don’t waste troops. Use only your best legions to garrison tiles, allies or structures