Tiling calculator for Rise of Empires

The tiling calculator was made thinking about optimizing time for players in the process of deciding between continuing to evolve coalition camps or starting to evolve workshops. Strategy games like Rise of Empires, Last Shelter Survival, The Ant Kingdom and others have extremely similar engines, so possibly this same tool will be valid for all other games.

We noticed that there were a number of bottlenecks underused and we decided to bring this to numbers, to make life easier for high-level eden players, and we made this very simple but efficient version available right now to indicate how much you have a problem and need to address it.

Filling in the tiling calculator.

It was made very short, so some terms may be more compressed or simplified than they should be. To avoid mistakes then I will write a short version of “manual” for the calculator.

Amount (A)

It is the amount of materials that your workshop can handle processing on a single slot. Please fill in full number (for example 520000 instead of 520k)

Slots (B)

Total number of slots you are currently using, adding up the ones you opened in specialization with the ones you may have obtained via elite pack or any other mechanism.

Time (C)

Total time you need to process the amount filled in “A”. There are 2 fields. The first, separate, is for the number of days, which may be necessary in some cases, but uncommon at the end of the season. The second field is the number of hours, minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss).

Stored (D)

Amounts you own of military supplies already processed and stored.

Resources Production (E,F,G,H)

Amount of resources produced per hour from the following raw materials: Empty Plot, Abandoned Farm, Non-Functional Quarry, Shabby Distilery

Main applications

The use of this tool is very important in eden. With it, you’ll have greater control by avoiding production bottlenecks, which can delay your achievement of faster floors for days.

There are numerous factors that can improve your tiling speed so that you can easily reach tile 16 in less than two weeks. Some of these factors are uncontrollable, such as conflicts, invaders, enemies, betrayals, etc. Others are costly to control, such as relevant spending on upgrading workshops in the first week, a strong diplomatic effort to ensure access to good terrain for your players.

One of the few factors you have control over is the management of production bottlenecks. This tool will help you by indicating when to change the main objective in the processing of your workshops. What can make you a more prominent player in strategy games is the optimization of the use of the resources you have available. I hope this tool is a step closer to that goal.

Loyalty information

Military Supplies Production

Resources Production (per hour)

Workshop performance: 0%. Get more resource tiles.

Total materials:



Expected date:

Ajusting Workhop performance to 100%. (Getting more resource tiles).



Expected date: