L96.APP - Made for Rise of Empires Comunity

This is a comunity driven project, we are a group of players that want to help the comunity to grow and improve. We will gather all the information we can to help you to improve your gameplay.


Main Features Of Our Ecosystem

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The main guides of Rise of Empires, with detailed informations of every single aspect of your gameplay, we recommend reading all of the documentation from beginning to end.

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All the main video creators in one place. We will gather the main quality names of the ROE Comunity to this feed.

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Rise of empires most heroes complete profiling, best combos by comunity and editor choice.

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L96 has a wide library of tools, dowloads and other assets to make your gameplay easier. Hero Guides, Combo Charts, Deveelopment Guide, Guild Ledership tools, BOH Strategy Planner and much more.

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Some of the best people who make this project possible.


Don Pablone

State 1 - L96


Fede Sack