Best Combos for Hero Duels by Mtness

Hello everyone,
I am happy to share a data set that I have been working several months on. I personally find hero mechanics and discussions very interesting and fun. Many players reference their own anecdotes and this certainly has value, but I prefer data. While there are imperfections, I hope this is information that is valuable/helpful to the community.


  • 225%+ Cav research might
  • Full sets of dragon master equipment in all legions
  • At least 7 out of 8 hero skills unlocked for all heroes

This data is broken down into attacking/defending legions. Attacking legions are listed along the vertical axis and defending legions are listed along the horizontal axis. The attacker has an advantage in specific scenarios – when two legions/squads have the exact same combat speed, the attacker has priority to act first. The sample size available for each legion is listed next to their respective win rate.

There are three charts included below. The first tabulates how every indexed attacking legion performs against every indexed defending legion. This is very dense and may be difficult to navigate – those interested in how the attacking and defending groups perform among themselves should reference the 2nd and 3rd pages.

Disclaimers & Caveats

As with any other analysis of heroes and game battles – hero skill activation percentages, technology, equipment, castle/legion skins, etc all can have a large effect on the outcome. This data should merely be used as guidance to how legions perform against one another in a single battle context. I have tried to control for these as much as feasible but not all truly can be. Due to factors that cannot be controlled, some high performing legions can and will occasionally lose to lower performing ones.
From a statistical standpoint, sample size is a key factor in statistical power. Namely, a legion with only 4-5 data points should not lead to a confident conclusion compared to a legion with 50+ data points. Along similar lines, the inclusion criteria are very strict. Some legions that may be viable were not used by players that could be included – therefore, there may be legions not listed here that also perform well.

Mtness – IMS – S177

Best Combos for Heroes Duels (Defending) – Click here to download pdf version
Best Combos for Heroes Duels (Atacking) – Click here to download pdf version
Best Combos for Heroes Duels (Defending) – Click here to download pdf version

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