Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 15/04/2022

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 15/04/2022


By Don

15th April 2022



Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 15/04/2022

Sx11 - New Heroes

At Rise of Empires Sx11 we have the release of Arslam and Farrah. Still need wait the release to update here with real analysis of power. On last shelter both are strong heroes and i will share how they work there.

Arslam (Footman)

Arslam is a footman hero, with a very powerful counter atack mechanics. He is able to nerf enemy damage against his squad. He is a very strong bruiser, capable of tanking and dealing tons of damage. By being in the first row, he will automatically have his peak power accumulated in the third/fourth turn with 300% extra might. It has huge damage-boosting potential with heroes that also burn, like Scarlet Reaver. In addition, it is very useful that he also has healing heroes to prolong his durability in battle.

Farrah (Calvary)

Farrah is a cavalry hero, She is an attack enhancer. She is a support hero with mechanics similar to Rozen Blade, Beast Queen, Warden and etc. Therefore, she will end up having the same synergies as those mentioned above, taking her best advantage alongside carry like The Immortal, Rainforest Ranger, Spectral Reaper and etc.

Sx10 - New Heroes

At Rise of Empires Sx10 we have the release of Poison Master and Healer. Both are very nice heroes, Poison Master being the highlight, as it is a very robust damage carry with a very specific mechanics that create a whole new branch of sinergy.

Poison Master (Archers)

Poison Master is a archer hero, with a very powerful debuff mechanics. He is able to nerf enemy damage, cut healing and supress. He has a very very powerful sinergy with heroes with high casting rates of skill, like Scarlet Reaver, Army Breaker, Avalanche and of course Healer. It came from Last Shelter to Rise of empires with significant nerfs. In LSS he came unbeatable and as a new game reference, completely unbalancing the scenario. However in ROE it was released with significantly lower status. He remains a good hero, a new meta that is worth having, as we can get out of the hegemony of the need for avalanche and warhammer as sources of damage.

Healer (Footman)

Healer is a footman hero, her name already say very much: its a very strong source of healing. It has a very specific mechanic that ends up forcing the first line to be composed of heroes with good damage capacity. She absorbs some of the damage taken by the first lane and converts some of the damage dealt by the first lane as healing for itself. In addition, she has the possibility to nerf the opponent's damage as well as increase the damage taken by them as well. In LSS she is an extremely unbalanced hero, in ROE she came as a decent hero with a different mechanic, which, as in Poison Master, opens up a range of new options.

Sx9 - New Heroes

At Rise of Empires Sx9 we have the release of Hellfire and Lust. Both strong heroes, Hellfire being the highlight, as it is a very robust tank and allows any composition to gain longevity in battle.

Hellfire (Any)

Hellfire is the first "any" type hero released in season X. It is very powerful and without a doubt a top pick from the current meta. It is usually used in cavalry combos or mixed legions. In mixed legions he tends to use horses if he is in the middle or backline. When he's in the front row, he usually uses footman.

Lust (Archers)

Lust is the first archer heroine with strong control. she is very synergistic with other heroes who also have crowd control, like Tarantula and Ashen in pure legions or Bleedsteed, Brave, Army Breaker, Skanda in mixed legions.

Best Heroes - Top Picks

Which are the best heroes? Which heroes should I invest in and which ones can I avoid?

I tried to separate the best heroes available at the moment, some are optional, not necessarily because they are bad but because they have a smaller set of applications available. Ragnar and Ranger are good heroes, but they have a relevant restriction on matching, which makes them useful only if a certain number of conditionals occur. For example: Ragnar relies heavily on having control heroes with him, like Brave for example. This lack of flexibility can make him less of a “must have” than others.

Heroes Top Picks for Rise of Empires – 2022.04.15 – Click here for PDF version

Best Hero Combinations

Here are some combinations that can be used. Don't limit yourself to this list, just use it as a basis to study some synergies. You can click here and download the PDF version for free. Also you can click here and support my work with any donation or subscription.

Combo Disclaimer

Guys, explaining once again something I’ve already said in some posts and in several conversations: The order of the compositions is not necessarily intended to rank them. Most of the time the interest is only to illustrate some possibilities.

So, once again, don’t take this job as a biblical one. My only intention is to illustrate possibilities for you. Some have been tested and the new ones are basically hypothetical or tested in the last shelter environment, which has a balance with some differences from ours.

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 17/03/2022 - Download here the PDF version