Most powerful teams on Rise of Empires

Most powerful teams on Rise of Empires


By Don

22nd April 2022



Most powerful teams on Rise of Empires

It's very difficult just with numbers of power and kills to say which are the best and strongest teams in the game. To be quite honest, I have no idea how to do this with the data that Long Tech gives us in-game access.

Maybe some formula that involves power, kills, gift level, team existence time, number of victories in Eden, player turnover and, for me, mainly team toxicity evaluation is something that can say which is the best team in the game .

Since most of this data doesn't exist and another part of this data is a huge task to collect, I'll have to content myself with trying to propose a calculation of two indicators: Aggressiveness and Danger.

"Aggressiveness" is a simple ratio between power and kills. I find this reasonably more superficial, as there is evidence that many players "farm" kills for free in their states using secondary castles. Because it is a simple ratio, very small teams can have larger ratios than huge teams, which would make little sense for the indicator.

"Aggressiveness" = [1/(Power/Kills)]²

The "danger" indicator already has a little more weight in its formula for the combat power of the team itself, but it also takes into account the number of kills in its formula.

"Danger" = 1/(Power*4.5/Kills) + Power/12,000,000,000

Everything exposed above is experimental and the idea is just to try to understand a little more of the data and bring to the community a little more of it digested.

Below are 4 graphs demonstrating the results. Comment your opinion below.

Agressiveness Tree Chart

Danger Tree Chart