Builder - Class Development on Rise of Empires

Builder - Class Development on Rise of Empires


By Don

14th February 2022



Builder - Class Development on Rise of Empires

The journey

Third post of our journey to chapter 6 (you check trader and farmer also). Everyone would like to see your State reach chapter 6 (if you don't want to, better give your account to someone else). I started to do some summaries for my state from the journey from state s96 to chapter 6 and guide my team to make life easier for everyone.

Disclaimer: The idea of ​​this summary is just to simplify the path, but at no time is it the absolute truth and almost always you will have to disagree with me, which makes me very happy. The focus is solely on the experience gained daily, which would leave the castle's efficiency questionable (mainly raider) for almost 1 year in newer states.

The above excerpt was copied from the trader class development post.

Again I will not go into the nuances of how you should probably use your cards in this post, except if questions arise that make me worthwhile.


I can summarize very superficially that the architect has his main advantage, as obvious as it may seem, in the building buffs.

The highlight is that this also includes the construction of honor (ROC and Eden). It can reach discounts on the cost of construction material can reach up to 9% for an alliance and 20% more for you individually. Also it can have individual honor bonus for building up to 30%, while for the alliance it reaches 15%. With that the architect can have 29% discount on material and 45% extra honor, which would easily put him as the class with the greatest ease of obtaining specialization points in the game.

A player who chooses this class, by definition, ends up being an ace for any team and, without any fear. A polemic comment: I can recommend that every player, able to buy class resets, develop their architect tree up to level 118 and use it during the period using green specialty tree in eden / roc.

About the guide

The idea of this brief study is to discuss better ways to raise the level of the architect's class to get the best out of it. Each numbered column at the top represents, through the number, what is the profession level that must be reset to move on to the next one. The item marked in red is the priority that the player must have when resetting, items marked in yellow must be maximized right after the red.

It is essential to inform that any distribution of points up to level 118 is solely focused on the evolution of the profession level as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is to obtain the honor buffs for the alliance, adding up to 15% extra honor and up to 9% reduction in building material costs for the team.

The player who chooses to assume this role has a saving of 29% with bulding materials (20% of income card and up to 9% of the alliance), in addition to a possible 27% reduction with the green tree and up to 45% extra honor in the evolution of buildings (30% of income card and up to 15% of alliance cards), in addition to a possible 290% of the green tree.

If you have questions, you can ask.

Download the full PDF version clicking here

A hug to everyone, except for some

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Builder - Class Development on Rise of Empires
Builder - Class Development on Rise of Empires- Download the full PDF version clicking here