Trader – Class Development on Rise of Empires

Trader – Class Development on Rise of Empires


By Don

12th February 2022



Trader – Class Development on Rise of Empires

The journey

Continuing our journey to chapter 6 (if you haven't read the previous post about farmers, click here). We all want to get to the last chapter and understanding how to improve traders ends up being an essential part of the process. This is one of the 3 most popular classes in the game and ends up being one of the main choices when creating farms.

Leveling up a state chapter is a cheap and simple way to strengthen it. This improves the combatant's strength and everyone's COP score.

Disclaimer: The idea of ​​this summary is just to simplify the path, but at no time is it the absolute truth and almost always you will have to disagree with me, which makes me very happy. The focus is solely on the experience gained daily, which would leave the castle's efficiency questionable (mainly raider) for almost 1 year in newer states.

Again I will not go into the nuances of how you should probably use your cards in this post, except if questions arise that make me worthwhile.


I can summarize very superficially that trader has its main advantage in the cop score buff, reaching 24% for alliance and 80% more for you, so the use of charisma cards is essential.

A player who uses this class as a principal will need, above any other class, a monastic habit of handling their cards almost daily. If you are lazy, try to release the soldiers and KE training cards for your alliance and put them to the maximum. If it is a farm, my personal recommendation is to use the harvest cards and medals of wisdom.

Status Advantages

  • Resource sale prices in the Commercial Hub -5%
  • Troops food consumption -30%
  • Money Production +50%

You can build the Market. The advantages of the building only apply to the class legion. The amount of the benefit depend on the level of the building.

Market adding you next advantages:

  • Can buy resources with Money.
  • Caravan Load 5000 - 120000
  • Tax Rate 45 - 15
  • When Defending - Troop Might +1% - +25%
  • When Defending - Troop Resistance +1% - +25%

Status Disadvantages

  • Wounded Healing Speed -50%
  • When raided loss extra resources +100%

About the guide

The idea of this brief study is to discuss better ways to raise the level of the trader's class to get the best out of it. Each numbered column at the top represents, through the number, what is the profession level that must be reset to move on to the next one. The item marked in red is the priority that the player must have when resetting, items marked in yellow must be maximized right after the red.

It is essential to inform that any distribution of points up to level 110 is solely focused on the evolution of the profession level as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is to obtain the cop scoring buffs for the alliance, at lvl 111. At level 127 he will have all alliance and individual buffs maximized

The player who chooses to assume this role has a gain of up to 80% in the daily COP score for individual cards, in addition to causing a debuff in enemy castles in combat of 5% and having a large defense buff. Your COP score score for alliance is 8%, adding up to 24% if you have the 5 traders.

If you have questions, you can ask.

Download the full PDF version clicking here

A hug to everyone, except for some

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Trader – Class Development on Rise of Empires
Trader – Class Development on Rise of Empires - Download the full PDF version clicking here