Farmer - Class Development on Rise of Empires

Farmer - Class Development on Rise of Empires


By Don

12th February 2022



Farmer - Class Development on Rise of Empires

The journey

Everyone would like to see your state reaching chapter 6 (if you don't want to, better give your account to someone else). I started to do some summaries for my state from the journey from state s96 to chapter 6. That helped to guide my team and made life easier for everyone.

The idea of ​​this summary is just to simplify the path. At no time is it the absolute truth and almost always you will have to disagree with me, which makes me very happy. The focus is solely on the experience gained daily. This choice would leave the castle's efficiency questionable (mainly raider) for almost 1 year in newer states.


A player who uses this class as a principal will need, above any other class, a monastic habit of gathering. Also talk and understand your team needs to choose wisely your gathering cards. The idea of this brief study is to discuss better ways to raise the level of the farmer's class to get the best out of it.

I will not go into the nuances of how you should probably use your cards in this post, except if questions arise that make me worthwhile. I can summarize very superficially that farmer has its main advantage in gathering score, that is huge, and can make him open 9 boxes in very few hours.

Players who choose to take on this role will have an extremely high bonus when harvesting a particular resource type of their choice. This will virtually guarantee 9 boxes in all harvesting events with extreme ease. The most common choice ends up being food, as it is very easy to make the equipment that helps speed harvesting. The most interesting choice is iron. The demand for iron is ridiculously high for technology advancement and cavalry production (which ends up being the main combat unit in the game).

The class's weakness is in combat. She has a might nerf when attacking castles. This could be a problem in KE or attacking other castles in Eden/ROC. The same doesn't apply when attacking tiles, so it's one less worry.

Generally while your state is below chapter 4, fixed bonus cards (60k, 120k, etc) will be more efficient. In chapter 5 there will be occasions that both have their application. When your state reaches chapter 6, only 120k card will be useful, priority will be % cards.

Status Advantages

  • When harvesting, Troop Payload +100%
  • Harvest Speed +50%
  • Extra Depot Protection

You can build the Farmer's Guild. The advantages of the building only apply to the class Legion. The amount of the benefit depend on the level of the building.

Production center adding you this features:

  • Resource Income Constant: +5% - +40%
  • Resource Income Instant (every 12 hours): 1 - 4
  • Gathering Speed: +1% - +25%
  • Troop Payload: +2% - +50%

Status Disadvantages

  • Troop Marching Speed - 30%
  • When Sieging - Troop Defense - 30%
  • When Sieging - Troop Damage - 30%

About the Guide

Each numbered column at the top represents, through the number, what is the profession level that must be reset to move on to the next one. The item marked in red is the priority that the player must have when resetting, items marked in yellow must be maximized right after the red. Assign Cards with a C to Class Positions, and a G to General Positions in your Card Use Tab.

It is essential to inform that any distribution of points up to level 125 is solely focused on the evolution of the profession level as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is to obtain the cop scoring buffs for the alliance, at lvl 126. At level 126 he will have one alliance and individual buffs maximized. The resource chosen for harvesting was iron in this example, but it doesn't have to be.

The objective, technically speaking, should be level 130. At this point the player will have the main bonuses of the class. Nothing prevents him from continuing to level up to maximize all bonuses, but it's not necessary. Upon reaching level 130 the player will have 87500 more iron per hour when gathering, in addition to a 50% bonus in gathering speed for himself and another 7% for the alliance. In this mode the experience bonuses would all be at a minimum.

If you have questions, you can ask.

A hug to everyone, except for some

Download the full PDF version clicking here

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Farmer - Class Development on Rise of Empires
Farmer - Class Development on Rise of Empires - Download the full PDF version clicking here