Research: Lofty Warrior Tech

Research: Lofty Warrior Tech


By Don

17th February 2023



Research: Lofty Warrior Tech

It's been a long time since I owed a post talking about Lofty Warrior. This is undoubtedly the technology that opens the biggest power gap in the game and that has generated a long series of problems.

In addition to all the attributes that she can give directly, she also has her own specialization tree, which is where the biggest strengthening gap that the game created between people with high spending capacity and the rest of the players lives.

Lofty Warrior Specialty Basics

The progression of these specialties is given through the reset of the researches. After 180 days of having done the research, you can reset it to zero level, and go up again to the maximum. This period may be reduced according to the allocation of your points as well. Each specialty point is earned according to the number of researches you do and follow the progression below:

Specialty Points LevelResearch needed for 1 specialty pointTotal Researches Done
Specialty Points Earning Table

As you can see, the cost to evolve is almost linear, there is no exponential growth in cost, so the power impact for players with high spending capacity is huge. In a few months, a player with an extremely new castle will be able to beat players with 3 years and average expenses.

Lofty Research

The full tech tree has 798 researches level, which are divided into 63 researchs and a total cost of 1.545.795 War Badges (which can be reduced significantly depending on how you distribute your specialty points as well.).

Lofty Warrior Research Costs
Lofty Warrior Research Costs - Download PDF here

The cost of these researches is extremely high in gems as well, as many of them can have more than 10 days in their requirements. This cost in gems can be reduced, and in some cases completely zeroed. So, in addition to a very high number of war badges and crystals, one of the best things you can have is understanding the specialties, as they can save you a lot of time and / or money. It is important to note that each set has a cost that can vary from 1000 to 4000 war badges and you will spend at least two in each reset cycle.

Increasing Lofty Specialty

The main idea of this topic is to talk about the specialties that you can use to optimize this process and a little about the critical levels that bring about relevant changes, for example that at level 277 you will already have all the attributes at maximum.

Specialty PointsTotal Days
(Hours + %)
Hours ReductionPercentage Reduction
Reduction of expected reset time according to specialty level

The calculation of the reset time reduction is: [(180 days - Hours Reduction) x (1 - Percentage Reduction)]. The current maximum, as shown below, is 80.63 days. The order I usually give preference to is represented in the image below. The first 30 stitches go on the left wing, bottom (red line), then top (orange line). Then I'm picking up the points of the top wing, on the right (green line) and wrap it up with as much as possible.

Lofty Warrior Specialty Reset Optimation
Lofty Warrior Specialty Reset Optimation

This specialty tree is only used for resetting. Before starting to reset all available research, make sure you have the necessary materials to level it up again, mainly gems, accelerators and war badges. To check if you have the necessary amount of war badges, just check the cost sheet, in that same post, a few paragraphs above. As for the gems and/or accelerators, I don't have complete data over them, but I can teach you how to save scary amounts of gems, being able to raise many research at zero or almost zero cost.

A tip I give is that reset from bottom to top and immediately go up a level. As soon as a research goes up to level 1, its cooldown starts and makes your life easier, if you want to take advantage of the whole day of research to open a larger number of boxes.

Saving gems and accelerators on Lofty Warrior research

The lofty specialty tree is robust and gives many opportunities. The lofty specialty tree is robust and gives many opportunities. One of the most explored is the reduction of search time. It is fully concentrated on the left wing, highlighting the top part of the wing (red line), which reduces absolute numbers. This reduction already makes a very relevant number of research costs zero in gems.

Lofty Warrior Specialty Research Time Optimation

This reduction already makes a very relevant number of research costs zero in gems, after all it gives a total of 75 hours + 3% reduction. In addition, the bottom part will guarantee +12% reduction. Since research time varies, there is no way to estimate an total reduction, but it is very relevant and will greatly impact your gem consumption, I can assure you.

Saving war badges on Lofty Warrior research

This specialty group is a bit more confusing and has caused me to make mistakes in the past. From 49 points, the specialties tree gives you the option to save medals. This savings you will find in two nodes with -250 medals per research (red and orange) and another two with -5% of the number of medals (blue and green). Nodes that reduce in absolute numbers end up being very valuable and should be prioritized. But anyway, to get to any of these nodes, you'll need to pick up specialty points on two different wings.

Lofty Warrior Specialty War badges saving Optimation
Lofty Warrior Specialty War badges saving Optimation

To save war badges, the first 49 points must be spent on the red route in the scheme above. To enable another reduction, the best alternative would be the blue route, as it would save some points that were already enabled in the previous route, but it would require 85 points. While you are between 49 and 85, you must spend all your points on the left wing, research time optimation, to save gems. If you pass 85 points and want to go that way, then when you finish the blue, go to orange and lastly to green, but I recommend that at 98 points you change the strategy, because it will be better for you.

If you have more then 98 points, the best way to save warbadges will be to mazimize the red line specialties and after that go to orange, ignoring the blue one, this way you will get -500 medals per research. After that maximize the blue one and finally the green one.

Optimizing lofty for battle

If you follow any of the groups I participate in, maybe you've seen me saying that damage is the strongest attribute in the game right now. It is very powerful and twisted. Because of this, players with high specialty points should always be targeting extra damage.

In view of this, at the end of each of the wings, there is a 10% increase in all research stats, which also includes research that increases damage. They must be priorities. If you have less than 75 points, you can choose whether to follow the red wheel to the right or left… just like the left wing, you can choose to go under or over.

Lofty Warrior Battle Optimization
Lofty Warrior Battle Optimization

The order I chose was red first, orange second. This will open up the opportunity to increase more damage in the green line. The order I chose was red first, orange second. This will open up the opportunity to increase more damage in the green lane. Soon after it would take the yellow route, blue and ending with the pink route. In the midst of this, if you have points left and cannot complete one of the routes, you can invest the points in the specialties highlighted in the gray square at the top.

In this way, with 150 points you will have some of the main combat points already explored. To get all the damage points in each of the corners you will need 188 points + 25 points from the top, a total of 213 points. Good luck and good journey.

If you liked this post, be sure to buy me a coffee, it helps tremendously to keep this project going. This post is made with data collected by Cris Minime (Royal Bunny Clan - s232) and Raven (s346, s133, s694)


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John Doe - 2 months ago
Not seeing the depictions. Can you send me them via email?