Equipment Comparison - Dragon Master x Golden Equipment Mixed

Equipment Comparison betweem Dragon Master and other gears availables and also some mixed combination of them.


By Don

15th February 2023



Equipment Comparison - Dragon Master x Golden Equipment Mixed

What is the best way to take advantage of my equipment?

When Dragon Master equipment was released in the game, there were numerous discussions of the power gap it would create. These conversations ended up cooling down, as today it is very common for any player to have at least one in the older brackets.

However, with the release of Gear Advancements, I think this post deserves an update. I've added some improved equipment views and I think it could be very useful.

To make this post I had the help of my good friend Raven, as always, and soon I will make a new update discussing the details about costs and investment decisions, but it was clear that the common equipment +15 is a decent palliative for those who don't want it, or you can't have a high expense to get one more DM.

Edit: Some fixes were made, thank to u/crazymonkeyfish that saw a mistake and i think now is done after the help of Raven (s346), Beav (s265) and Lady Whip (s347)

Edit 2: Last monday devs made a huge improvements on DMs, i updated with the data i got, thx to Queen (Axios 187) and Irshidat Terr, both actives on our viber group.

A hug to everyone, except for some

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Comparison of equipment combinations between DM and others.
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