Research on Rise of Empires: T9, Zone Commemoration, Zone Conflict and others

Research on Rise of Empires: T9, Zone Commemoration, Zone Conflict and others


By Don

12th February 2023



Research on Rise of Empires: T9, Zone Commemoration, Zone Conflict and others

This was without a doubt one of the most requested sheets for me, I always forgot to post and I had forgotten it on reddit and forgotten to put it on the site.

The sheets below show the costs of medals only. But Pablo, why don’t you put in resources?Man, if you still need resources, you need to watch some farm videos or read some posts. The only resource that is needed is gold sometimes, the rest, in general, exceeds your need.

Below are the sheets for zone commemoration, zone conflict and T9s.

Zone Commemoration Research

Zone Commemoration Research Cost - The most important on the game

This is arguably the most important research in the game. Zone Commemoration It is useful for all types of castles, even farms. With it you can earn up to 6x more COP points, helping your state to earn weekly victories. It takes just under 105,000 medals to complete the research, and each item is very important, mandatory. The sooner you finish this research in your main castle and even in your farms, the better for your state. You shouldn't spend any courage medals on another research before completing this one. Its total cost is 104.910 Courage Medals.

Zone Conflict Research

Zone Conflict Research Cost

Is a mandatory research for you to have your T9. Zone Conflitc has some of her items not very useful, but since it is mandatory to have 100% on this research, you do not have the right to choose, you will have to do it. It is very basic research and should only be done after the Zone Commemoration is completed. Its total cost is 105.010 Courage Medals.

T9 Research

T9 Research Cost - You do not need the researches highlighted in orange to release T9

This research is a turning point in the game. After doing T9 research you become more competitive and able to fight opponents from older states, as the use of T10 in combat is very uncommon. Of course, it's important to mention that there are other important researches and other systems that can greatly enhance a castle, so don't be fooled that by releasing T9 you'll already be at the maximum level available in the game, but without a doubt this is where the real combat begins. Before that, everything is very fragile and your castle is weaker than most farms in a more mature state. Its total cost is 140.090 Courage Medals, minimun 131.380 to unlock t9.

Master Warfare

Master Warfare Research Cost

Master Warfare is a research pool that has several siege-oriented buffs. Therefore, they will be both combat buffs (might/res) and utility buffs, such as increasing the destruction power of a legion. It is worth emphasizing that: this is a very important research for newcomers to Eden. For this increase in power of destructive power will lead your footman legions to extremely high increase of demolition capabilities, despite all fight buff, like 20% extra HP. Its total cost is 913.130 Courage Medals.

Master City Defense

Master City Defense Research Cost

Master City Defense is a research pool that has several reinforce-oriented buffs. Therefore, they will be both combat buffs (might/res) and utility buffs, such as increasing troop speed when reinforcing allyes. It is also important to note that this research will unlock new features: defensive legion queue and advanced tower. Its total cost is 506.390 Courage Medals.

Defensive Legion

Defensive Legion Research Cost

This research has a very didactic name and basically it releases an extra legion for your castle, which will only be used defensively. This means that there is no possibility that you will even see it in your attack interface. And, to edit it, you'll have to adjust it by entering your castle and going to your building to manage the order of the queues, as well as the heroes and equipment you'll use in it. Its total cost is 47.990 Courage Medals.

All content available here was previously available on reddit. I believe that here you will get versions with better image quality and some comments that I preferred to add.