Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 11/02/2023

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 11/02/2023


By Don

11th February 2023



Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 11/02/2023

Since the last update made to this site, there have been numerous news. The game didn't just stop at the release of several heroes. But new technologies, hero skins, new frontiers, new skins and soon even new modes of Eden, it seems.

I will try to address topic by topic on my return, but it is a long and constructive process. Because of this, I decided to start with the basic and classic: Combo of heroes.

I will talk about the characteristics of each hero and skins in another post, at another time. This is a post with the intention of getting out of inertia and getting back to dialogue as a community.

Best Hero Combinations

Here are some combinations that can be used. Don't limit yourself to this list, just use it as a basis to study some synergies. You can click here and download the PDF version for free. Also you can click here and support my work with any donation or subscription.

Combo Disclaimer

Guys, explaining once again something I’ve already said in some posts and in several conversations: The order of the compositions is not necessarily intended to rank them. Most of the time the interest is only to illustrate some possibilities.

So, once again, don’t take this job as a biblical one. My only intention is to illustrate possibilities for you. Some have been tested and the new ones are basically hypothetical or tested in the last shelter environment, which has a balance with some differences from ours.

Heroes Combination for Rise of Empires - 11/02/2023 - Download here the PDF version

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