Rise of Empires - Boycott and Improvements

Rise of Empires - Boycott and Improvements


By Don

2nd September 2022



Rise of Empires - Boycott and Improvements

About the movement

Ladies, gentlemen and other mystical beings, I am following a movement to try to save this community and I ask for a minute of attention.

After many attempts to communicate with the developers and incredible failures, a group of players decided to organize a broad movement to boycott the game. Purchases will be cut until we have some dialogue with the developers and some commitment that they will provide a more pleasant environment for us to pursue our hobby.

I, Pablo, am absolutely supporting this movement. Those who follow my work or who have already seen my participation in lives have already heard my constant complaints about serious balance failures, making the game completely focused on spending and there is no longer any responsibility on the part of the developers with a balanced gameplay experience.

Because of this, in all the channels that I have access, from today, there will be outstanding support for the boycott and updates that the movement has.

A wide list of teams and states are supporting the movement and I will try to list them below.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to speak.

You can join the conversations on:4

A hug to everyone, except for some

DonPablone - Madhouse - s95

Dead man tell no tales

Ps: The list presented is the power noted at the beginning of the season, only for teams above 10g and states above S294. Some teams may have changed their name, they must also have had updates in their combat powers, so it will inevitably present distortions. I'll try to update with other states if I can get help.

Please read the next few lines carefully and join us all in the group listed at the end.



Community is concerned with recent over monetisation of the game. Our main goal is to protect our community from being overwhelmed with numbers of events released, same as releasing new content too often that is rapidly creating a gap between players, and grows frustration which leads to abandoning the game.

  1. Add war badges and super dragonite to CoP boxes, and adjust the amount of courage medals, super tickets, and resources in CoP boxes. The purpose of CoP rewards should be to allow free/low spending players to catch up in a reasonable amount of time.
    • Remove alliance contribution limits on donations and purchases from the alliance stores.. Allow players to obtain more resources, medals, speedups, dragonite, etc as it was before limits were introduced. Game for free to play players is based on earning gems so donating those should allow them to get resources needed for future evolutions without a limitation on buying goods.
  2. Slow down releasing castle skins, legion skins, and pendants. At the moment we have3 ongoing. We would like to go back to the old system of releasing 1 of each (castle skin, legion skin, pendant) each month in parallel with alliance mobilization to maximize rewards and money spent.
    • Skins that are offered to buy should be guaranteed after buying the 1st large pack. Initial smaller packs should depend on luck.
    • Stacking permanent attributes of skin should be lesser, or those skins should be able to be earned through future gaming (tokens to be exchanged for skins or for other resources, etc). We are witnessing permanent attributes from some high spenders to be almost half of tech of average players. Monetisation should give temporary advantage to spending players and of course value for their money, but at same time give players the option to earn the same through playing the game and not only spending events.
    • Add skin tokens/vouchers in CoP boxes. Allow players to be able to exchange them during an exchange event like with Royal vouchers.
    • Gifting skin shouldn’t cost money. Players should be able to gift the product they paid for to players with less luck or money free of charge.
  3. Slow down on recurring spending events, and make event completion possible for all non-spending players. For example, Starry Night allowed players to finish the event through quests like in epic/elite challenge. No one minds working hard for decent rewards or even competing with other players of similar power/strength during events. It makes the game more fun and enjoyable, and game experience and social interaction will be improved.
    • Charisma/Rose event is ridiculous. Having spenders compete with money is ruining a healthy environment in game and grows player frustration after finishing an event with nothing to show for it.
  4. Game content release should be addressed in game mail. For example, we have been exchanging our courage medals for war badges and in a short period of time are getting 2 new technologies released that require courage medals.
    • Packs in the game need serious improvement! Offer should follow game content releases. Event improvement is made and the value for money
    • Some segments have been increased, and some packs and offers still need adjustment to be worth the cost.
      • Example is super dragonite cost - same as cost of equipment required to craft it.
  5. Cost of dragon upgrading is ridiculous and getting items for the same is almost impossible without spending. Only way to obtain them is through White crow quests and BOH battles; these rewards need to be more generous if you are keeping them as the only way of obtaining them. Suggestion is to run free of charge events to allow players to earn them.
    • Players who do spend a huge amount of money to upgrade dragons then have to pay $100 a month to run them through all legions. Allow this option for free!

Gaming Enviroment

A fairer gaming environment in RoE. A game which is generating such large revenue should have a more thorough testing process,and customers deserve a more quality product.

  1. Matchmaking for Reign of Chaos (especially faction editions) needs to be improved, balance between alliances on the same map needs to be taken into consideration. Alliances with the same or similar power, strength, and activity level should face each other. This will make the game more enjoyable and allow players to have a better experience in Reign of Chaos as this event is a huge part of the game.
    • Variety in matchmaking is necessary. Some alliances have been on the same map with each other for multiple seasons.
    • Clash of Province matchmaking should also be considered and not only based on division ranks.
  2. There are many bugs in game reported that still havent been fixed, or they were fixed after months of some players getting a benefit from the bug (gaps in mountains in Eden, double shields, joker hacks, etc). If some issues are rapidly reported to your customer service, same as through your game ambasador, please use maintenance time in game to look into those and guarantee all players an equitable gaming environment. Releasing new content while the same issues keep being reported is an obvious lack of interest for our community.

Recruitment Improvement

Hero recruitment improvement of odds and possibilities

  1. Possibilities of recruitment need serious improvement, same as hero banner odds. If a player is using tickets on a banner, then the banner should offer a higher possibility of getting the exact hero desired, or luck shouldn't be reset until the hero from the banner is obtained. It's demoralizing to spend tickets saved for 2 seasons only to get already maxed heroes. Odds of luck for obtaining a hero should also be increased.
  2. Bring back the Hero Return event like we used to have for S1/S2/S3 heroes. Allow players to catch up and aim for specific heroes each week. This would be a huge boost for players morale.
  3. Make hero fragments available to exchange back for tokens (even with a smaller ratio) when the hero is maxed by recruitment. Tokens already spent on them become useless.
    • Allow players to trade hero medals through the token shop.
  4. Rewards from Eden should be guaranteed. Almost two months of work should give players some tickets to choose the exact hero they want, not depending on the season. Similar to tickets for S1-S4 heros in the honor shop.

Customer Service

Customer service is flawed and needs urgent improvement.

  • Your customer service in game needs serious training. They should be educated and group-based to have knowledge of a specific subject, offer a satisfying answer, and solve problems for the community of our players. Otherwise what's their purpose besides creating more frustration?
  • You should use the voice of game ambasador LordOfPondtail more. If he is the connection between our community and your team you should take his suggestions more seriously and give him proper answers on community concerns in a reasonable amount of time to keep your players informed and feel like they are being heard.

Our boycott is the last attempt to keep ROE enjoyable for our community. Our hope is that with enough loss in earnings we will get a response from the development team. We hope you will want to keep your community happy and work with us on our demands and grow your reputation at the same time. After all, reputation is the cornerstone of keeping your business gleaming in the eyes of consumers. If you want success in future game evolution, you’re much better off getting on board early. Our boycott is to start on the 2nd of September and to be extended until we feel we have been heard. We regret using this economic tool against your company, and call you once again to listen and respond to your community of players without stalling.

United Boycott Organization RoE players