Honor Boost x Special Training Comparison

You may have seen that the email for the last maintenance reports a change in the honor provided by tiles, after we have filled the maximum number of tiles.

This activity was known as honor boost and could offer up to 15 million honor points per day.

It was nerfed by 40%, losing much of its attractiveness, but it still follows a better alternative than the special training in tiles.

Below is the difference between the training, the new model and the old model.

Reviews, tips and suggestions are very welcome. Grateful for the attention and understanding.

Honor Boost x Special Training Comparison

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  • Ceria 135
    October 23, 2021 at 11:50 am  - Reply

    Hi, first of all for the great work you are doing in helping us 😊 very apreciate.

    I have noticed in privilege, season exp pool, I get more dayly in doing special training then spamming, but not sure how to quantify thebdifference. Am I right or am i mistaking?
    If this it’s right it could be more worth the special training then the spamming.
    Thank you again, and best regards

    • DonPablo
      October 23, 2021 at 6:17 pm  - Reply

      First: Thank you very much for all your support

      Personally, I prefer training to boosting. Not for the amount of honor, but for the work involved in doing one or the other: It’s simple and practical to do the training.

      But, in numbers, if you can boost or train at the same tile level, the boost will always offer 20% more honor.

      Generally, what happens is that the player takes the points from the blue tree for the boost, this makes him drop the floor level, and he can only get floor 14, but he keeps training on floor 16. When this is the case, the drop is very significant, but there is still a 6% boost benefit compared to training.

      But as I said, throne the work involved and lack of freedom of the boost bothers me, I end up preferring the training

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